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Animals In Attic

Having an animal in your attic can be worrisome. They can cause a lot of damage to your home, they can become a health hazard, and can become quite costly overtime. This is not something you should ignore or hope it goes away on its own. If you notice you have an animal or multiple animals in your attic, try to get professional help as soon as possible. Typically, animals will try to get in your home around spring or fall as these are more advantageous times for them to pack up for winter or seek shelter in spring to have children. Costs to remove can be anywhere from $85-1200, which is before any repairs are done to all the damage.

Common Animals That May Get In Your Attic



Something to look out for is noise throughout the day. If you can hear running around in your attic during the day and various noises, it is likely a squirrel. You should look for a 2inch hole around or on top of your roof. They need to be removed as soon as possible as they have likely caused damage to your roof to get inside, and can/will cause more damage if left unattended. They tend to chew on your wood beams and chew up any wiring that is around. This can lead to a heavy attic & electrical repair bill.



While these creatures may look cute and cuddle, they are far from it. They tend to be the most destructive. If you have this animal in your attic, know they have likely made a rather large hole in your roof. If you hear a lot of thumping and walking noises at night, this is likely from a raccoon. If you hear chirping, it is likely the animal has had babies in your attic as well. If you think this is bad, if left unattended you are likely to get torn ducts, destroyed insulation, and plenty of urine, fecal, & “food” to clean up in your attic.



Of all the animals, birds tend to be the easiest to spot. If you hear bird chirping noises coming from your attic, it is safe to say you have a bird problem. Unfortunately, they tend to have the most health and safety hazards as their poop is a health hazard. They also bring in nests which can create quite the mess. If you find yourself with a bird problem, you should seek professional help right away to get a proper removal and cleaning of your attic.



If you hear scratching and running coming from within the walls, it is likely you have a rat/mice problem. They tend to be the most active at night. Both animals will leave behind plenty of fecal and urine. While these animals are similar, there is definitely a distinction between the two. Rats are bigger and faster and unfortunately cause more damage. Mice tend to do light chewing, while rats will generally chew right through things. It usually starts with one or a few and becomes many very fast. It is imperative you get your rat/mice problem under control as soon as possible before it becomes worse.

Things to look out for

  • If you have a tree that is really close to your roof, it gives the animals easy access to get on top of your roof.
  • If you notice light damage or noises throughout the day/night, it is better to be proactive before they actually get inside of your attic.
  • Spring/Fall is a great time to get your roof/attic inspected so you can better prepare and catch any issues you may experience.

Here at target roofing and restoration we offer free inspections! If you are currently having issues or are looking for a regular checkup of your roof, do not hesitate to reach out to us!