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Roof Leaks During Heavy Rain | Complete Diagnosis

roof leaks during heavy rain

Does Your Roof Leak During Heavy Rain?

Your roof leaks during heavy rain. No one enjoys a running to grab a bucket when it rains heavy outside because of a leak. Leaks can seem trivial, but they can cause rather large problems overtime. Do you currently have a leak in your house during heavy rain? Let’s diagnose why. Common leaks during heavy rain can come from your chimney, roof vent, attic, gutters & more. But let’s learn how to properly diagnose the issue by learning how to address the location.

What should I check first?

First of all, this truly depends on the location of your leak. A leak that is coming from your drywall ceiling is going to be drastically different from your ceiling skylight leak.

Locations to Check

Simple Roof Leaks To Diagnose


chimney leaks during heavy rain being repaired

This one is pretty straight forward. If you are getting a leak from your chimney this can be related to a couple of issues.

  • Your chimney flashing is damaged/worn and needs repaired
  • Your brick/mortar needs repaired
  • Your chimney cap isn’t on properly or needs repaired
  • You have a cracked/broken chimney crown


skylight leaks during heavy rain fixed

This is typically related to your skylight’s flashing. If you flashing isnt properly sealed or needs repaired you will have a leak here

Complex Roof Leaks To Diagnose


roof vent that leaked during heavy rain fixed

If your leak is coming from your ceiling during heavy rain, there are a couple of variables that can cause this. You need to think about the source of your leak. If it is coming from a more central part of the ceiling, and far from a wall, then this is going to usually be related to something above your ceiling. You will need to inspect your attic during heavy rain. Typically from here you can see various things such as:

  • Plumbing ventilation pipes dripping water
    • If your roof vent leaks during heavy rain this is usually because of its seals or flashing.
  • Look at your attic’s ceiling/plywood/subroofing/etc for any obvious leaks
    • This will be for many reason, but is usually from shingles, flashing, etc
  • Pat around your insulation to find any damp insulation
    • If you can feel wet insulation this is a good indicator of where it is coming from.
    • Example: The insulation is wet around my roof vent during heavy rain, so I have a leak coming from around this area.

If you are still having trouble finding where the leak is coming from consider a few other options which are usually related to wall leaks during heavy rain.


There are a lot of variables that could be at play here, but these are a bit easier to diagnose and a little more annoying to fix. If you have a leak coming from the ceiling/wall you need to think about what is around that location. If you have a leak in a room on the first floor during heavy rain, think about what is above that room on the second floor. Maybe you have a door that is improperly seal or the wood may be rotting out over time. This can lead to leaks coming in during heavy rain.

If you are on the highest floor of your house and you are getting a leak that is similar to that above with the leak in the ceiling connecting to the wall. Are your gutter clean? If your gutters are clogged, water can work its way into your attic/ceiling/wall depending on how your house is built. That overflowing water has to go somewhere.

Does your leak only affect the wall? You could potentially have an issue with siding, or exterior trim. Many things can cause this but typical causes are related to pests, wear and tear overtime, storm damage, etc. You will need to inspect the exterior of your home to look for any holes or openings of any sizes and these will be the root cause of your problem.

Still Cannot Find The Leak During Heavy Rain?

At this point if you are still having trouble finding your roof leak during heavy rain, then it may be time to bring in the professionals. It is best to do this sooner rather than later. A small leak might not seem much now, but overtime it will cause bigger problems. We offer free roofing inspections, so if you need help finding your leak feel free to connect with us below. If you currently have water damage in your house, we offer total damage repair done in house, and insurance may cover the costs! Learn more about this here!

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