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Why Are Gutters Important?


The Purpose of Gutters is to Control Where Your Water Goes

Gutters are an important part of your roofing system. Without them, the water would purely run off your roof and slowly erode your foundation. If you live in an area that rains at all, you will need gutters on your roof. Gutters route the water running off your roof leading it to a downspout. From the downspout, it is usually routed to the road or somewhere farther from your foundation. But more on this later. Yes, they are extremely important in a region that rains, as otherwise you are leaving your home up for potential damage to happen.

What Kind of Maintenance Do Gutters Need?

Cleaning will take care of a majority of your maintenance. Damage overtime will happen from wear and tear. Not cleaning your gutters will speed this up. You need to regularly check your gutters for holes, tears, sagging, clogs, and any signs of obvious damage that can cause problems overtime. If you rarely check your gutters, you leave your home open to potential damage that could have been prevented with simple maintenance and cleaning. When damage occurs, typically it is a lot more time-consuming or costly than doing simple maintenance and cleaning.

An example below:


When your gutters start to clog or have too much junk in them, Gutters will start to sag. This will cause water to run off them. Depending on where the gunk is piling up, it can also mess with the downspouts. When left unchecked for long periods of time, damage will start to add up.

In this specific example the home owner has left their gutters dirty. If they continue to leave it like this, it will cause damage to the home overtime. Depending where the downspout is, with all this gunk in the gutters; the downspout is most likely clogged. So when it rains the gutters are going to fill up with water as it has nowhere else to go. If the downspout is clogged or pushing a lot of gunk down the pipes, it will cause the pipes to wear faster overtime. If this house has a gutter system that leads to the road, it can be costly to fix the underground pipes leading to the road. These gutters are sagging, so water will fall over the currently bent part of the gutter. This will cause erosion near the foundation of this corner of the house. If the house has a basement, the basement is most likely wet, from all the water falling off these gutters.

Gutters are a simple part of your roofing system, but they affect so many parts of the house. It’s easy to overlook your gutters, but costly to ignore them.

Below is an example of water damage and gutters falling off the house.


Regularly checking your gutters and cleaning will help prevent damage. Making small repairs or changes early on will help prevent more costly repairs. Gutters typically need to be re-nailed or screwed in overtime as they sag off the roof. This does not take much, just a quick nail in or screw depending on how your system is set up.

In this example above, the home owner did not regularly check them. They let them fall off the house completely. This has caused them to open up exposed wood from where they were attached to. So when it rains here, the water is going to run off the roof. This will push the gutters further off the house, and let rain move into the exposed wood. They most likely have or will have water damage soon within the house from this.

Maintenance is a crucial part of home ownership. If you maintain your gutters, they will prevent problems overtime and save you in the long run. But if left unchecked, you can see the potential issues that may occur.

Why Gutter Cleaning Is So Important


If you do not clean your gutters, it defeats the purpose of having them. Gutters are a water management system for your roof. If your they are clogged, the water will stay within your gutters and cause damage overtime. Water sitting in your gutters will try to go somewhere else as it overflows. Damage can range from foundation erosion, siding, mold, attic damage, etc. It mainly depends on where the water goes. While cleaning your gutters or keeping up on the maintenance of gutters can be annoying; it is an even bigger hassle, if left unchecked, and it causes damage. Preventing damage is key. Maintenance and cleaning overtime will let your gutters last longer and keep your home safe. The whole purpose of gutters is to manage the water. Cleaning must happen to let the water flow where it needs to go.

How Long Will My Gutters Last

They can last a long time, but they need to be properly maintained. According to Gutter Professionals Inc, Copper gutters typically last 50 years and aluminum gutters will usually last about 20 years. This can be more or less depending on how well you maintain them. If you leave your gutters dirty all the time and rarely check them, this will lower their life expectancy significantly. The purpose of gutters is to manage the water falling off your roof. Everyone knows water damage is bad for your home, so keep this in check, to let your gutters have a long life.

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