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Why Is My Roof Creaking

why is my roof creaking, check the attic

Is Your Roof Currently Creaking?

Why is my roof creaking? This can be quite a nuisance, especially if the roof creaking is keeping you up at night. This can also be worrisome, especially if you know little about your roof. Does your roof make loud popping sounds when it becomes windy? At night, does your roof make that creaking noise only heard in horror films? The biggest thing you need to do is relax. If it is bothering you a lot, it is probably worth having a professional come and look at your roof. Depending on what it is, it could just be a simple fix to get rid of the roof creak, or maybe it is just the age of the wood and the temperature outside.

What Is Causing My Roof To Creak?

There many reasons your roof is creaking, but we have to first look at when it is happening.

My roof is:

  • Creaking when it is windy. This is typical especially for wooden structures. During heavy wind, structures will have some creaks and it is nothing to worry about. This does, however, become an issue if your roof is creaking at a slight breeze. When it is only slightly windy and you hear creaking, this could mean your home has some structural issues that need to be addressed. It is worth having a professional come look at your creaking roof.
  • Creaking at night. This is nothing to worry about. It may be worrisome or bothering to hear those creaking noises you only hear in horror movies; but this means nothing. Nothing is wrong with your roof. The temperature difference at night cools the wood, and it shrinks. During the day it has had a lot of time to expand in the heat, so your home is just merely setting at night. Sudden changes in humidity and temperature causes these creaking noises, which only happens at night, spring, summer; but it can happen all year round.
  • Loud roof popping noises. While this can be very startling, it goes back to the creaking at night. Sudden changes in temperature and humidity cause your wood to expand and shrink. During this process, it can cause slight shifts in the wood which cause these popping noises.
  • Creaking when walking on the roof. If you are a bit of a DIY’er and you went onto your roof to check out a missing shingle, clear some debris, or to assess the creaking of your home; be careful. If you notice the roof is creaking when you walk on it, ESPECIALLY if it sinks or gives in a little when you step, it is time to get off the roof and call a professional.
  • Old Age. It is possible your roof may just be old. If you know the age of your roof, it is more likely to creak the older it gets. This is because materials are usually worn and are starting to show their age. It is very possible that the roof is still in working condition, it just will creak from time to time because of its age. If you are unsure or constantly are experiencing a lot of issues/repairs with the roof, it may be time to consult a professional to see your options on roof replacement.
  • Unknown creaking. Still cannot find the source of your creaking? At this point, it is probably time to consult a professional to source the creaking. It could just be a simple support fix or it could be more. If there is no obvious cause to your creaking, it definitely should not be happening.

How To Prevent Creaking

One of the best things you can do is to have your attic ventilation checked. If you have poor ventilation, this can make the temperature drops more drastic, which leads to the creaking and popping noises in your roof. Not only does this solve your roof noise problem, but it makes your home more efficient for the winter and summer months where you need it most.

By calling a professional, you are making sure that your roof is properly taken care of. A professional will find all the issues you are currently having, potentially more. They will be able to properly asses your roof, attic, and its longevity. Keeping up with maintenance and smaller items overtime can save you from costly repairs in the future.

Important Notes:

Your roof is new.

If you currently have a new roof, the creaking could be because of the lumber that was used still had moisture. If the wood used still had some moisture in it (very common), you could experience the lumber drying. This can cause those creaks and popping noises that you hear as the lumber settles into its natural dry place. Your roof uses exterior wood, which needs to be treated to withstand the outside elements. This treatment adds moisture to the wood that takes time to dry.

Where is your HVAC system?

You could also be experiences noises from your HVAC system during weather changes. Depending on how your HVAC system was set up, the weather could cause the HVAC system to expand and contract, which may cause some roof noises or noises near the roof. Usually there is nothing to worry about here, but just keep track of when the noises happen and their duration. If you continue to have a lot of issues with this, a professional will help you diagnose the issue.

Professional Roof Repair Columbus

Target Roofing and Restoration is committed to the roofing industry and assisting homeowners in the Columbus area. If you are currently experiencing creaking or popping coming from your roof and you are worried, let’s connect! We offer free inspections to homeowners, so you can feel rest assured you are in good hands. We want to help you diagnose your issues without any pressure. We have over 30 years of combined experience, the tools, and the team to make sure we properly take care of your home as if it was our own.